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The Social Network

A Web Programming and DB project based on Flask, jinja2, Mysql/Postgresql, jQuery, HTML, and CSS + Bootstrap.

Functionalities currently implemented are:

  • Register and Login to an account
  • Post text-posts, or image-links to load images
  • Like posts made by other users
  • Follow an user to see their posts on a custom wall
  • Comment on posts made by anyone
  • Be able to delete/edit your posts/profile on the go


The Social Network uses a number of Frameworks and Languages to work properly:

  • Flask - Python Miniframework to make and deploy web apps
  • WTForms - Python Module for an Object Oriented implementation of Forms
  • Visual Studio - An awesome text editor by Microsoft
  • Bootstrap - Template for pretty css
  • Jinja2 - HTML templating engine
  • FontAwesome - Amazing fonts by Google
  • jQuery - Javascript framework to automate client side scripting
  • psycopg2 - Python Module to work with PostgreSQL


Our website is live here.

The Social Network requires Python 3.7.2 to run locally.

If you wish to run the app locally you can clone from the repository

$ git clone

Create the postgreSQL database from the given dump

$ cd theSocialNetwork
$ psql thesocialnetwork < new.dump

Set up the virtual environment, install the dependencies and start the server.

$ virtualenv venv
$ source venv/bin/activate
$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ python

Your instance of the app will be running on