Replacement for gpy
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Converts MediaWiki links and {{templates}} to links.


To run this project, run the following commands after cloning it.

cd <DIR>
yarn # or `npm i`
yarn start # or `npm run start`


Use the config.js to configure the bot.

  • Specify the bot's IRC nick in botName. (eg. linkBot)
  • Mention the list of channels to monitor in channels.
  • Specify IRC channel in server. (eg.
  • API should be specified in URL. (eg.

Additionally, the bot reports any errors to its maintainers.

  • Mention the list of maintainers in the maintainers array.
  • PM to the bot will not be forwarded to anyone, unless it starts with a particular string mentioned in report. If the bot gets a PM which starts with report, it will forward the PM to a list of admins. Note: This could be abused, so specifying report as / might be a good idea.
  • Specify the list of admins who would like to receive PM of the forwarded message in admins.

Sample config.js looks like:

const config = {
  admins: ['jdoe', 'samsmith'],
  botName: 'linkBot',
  channels: ['#foo', '##bar'],
  maintainers: ['list', 'of', 'maintainers'],
  report: '!ADMIN',
  server: '',
  URL: '',

Note: In case if your message contains templates and you don't want the bot to announce the link -- add --nl at the end of the message.