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# Common flags for electron-packager on all platforms
ELECTRON_COMMON=./build "Glowing Bear" --overwrite --version-string.FileDescription="Glowing Bear" --ignore=node_modules --ignore=test --ignore=bower_components
npm run build
# copy dependencies from bower_components to the correct place
# find bower_components \( -name "*min.js" -o -name "*min.css" \) -exec cp {} 3rdparty \;
# cp -r bower_components/bootstrap/fonts .
# modify index.html to use local files
#uselocal: copylocal
# sed -i.bak 's,[^\"]*/,3rdparty/,g' index.html
# sed -i.bak 's, integrity=\".*\" crossorigin=\"anonymous\",,' index.html
# build the electron app for various platforms
build-electron-windows: build
electron-packager ${ELECTRON_COMMON} --platform=win32 --arch=ia32 --electron-version=9.0.5 --icon=assets/img/favicon.ico --asar=true
build-electron-darwin: build
electron-packager ${ELECTRON_COMMON} --platform=darwin --arch=x64 --electron-version=9.0.5 --icon=assets/img/glowing-bear.icns
build-electron-linux: build
electron-packager ${ELECTRON_COMMON} --platform=linux --arch=x64 --electron-version=9.0.5 --icon=assets/img/favicon.ico