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  Agastya Chandrakant e1d7f84a39 update name 1 year ago
  Agastya Chandrakant 153166106d add scripts, tag img, update readme, rmv twtr, tag to topic and move blogs 1 year ago
  Agastya 76a8a55826 fix class 1 year ago
  Agastya 8cbc5876f1 fix title 1 year ago
  Agastya 395defc5a4 Rmv twitter links from config, footer, index and blogPost 1 year ago
  Agastya 01b9990a30 Using variables instead of ; actually fixes #2 2 years ago
  Agastya 999d7e294b Moving to disqus plugin as mentioned in #2 2 years ago
  Agastya 326e061f12 Add KaTeX support 2 years ago
  Agastya 11ce8294cc Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/cognitive137/sana137.in 2 years ago
  Agastya 7da563c76e Adding MomentJS in cards 2 years ago
  cognitive137 825a0cddd8
update frontmatter 2 years ago
  Agastya d69471c1bf Update readme about custom domain checking 2 years ago
  Agastya 8c2e4a97af blogPost changed to show cover only of it exists, AND added code highlighter 2 years ago
  Agastya c43ed6f51f update README for deploying 2 years ago
  Agastya fdfe628db5 Add gh-pages 2 years ago
  cognitive137 1dccd93149
creating tagData file 2 years ago
  cognitive137 563a5953ea
pass on cover from tagData 2 years ago
  cognitive137 2a280fd0a8
Update component name, add option for bgImg for tags 2 years ago
  cognitive137 f4b43ff55b
fix origin link 2 years ago
  cognitive137 da7176563d
Merge pull request #1 from cognitive137/cognitive137-patch-1 2 years ago
  cognitive137 75258f06af
Add Disqus_thread 2 years ago
  Agastya afff8b774a update license, readme, package.json 2 years ago
  Agastya d7d20e771a http -> https for feedly 2 years ago
  Agastya bd9612eeda Update license 2 years ago
  Agastya f0d2360d98 Add readme 2 years ago
  Agastya 3bc5e3de5f Some changes 2 years ago
  Agastya 6e6968b606 Finishing things up 2 years ago
  Agastya 856b5ffb0c All but tiny headers are done 2 years ago
  Agastya c57b5e0d5a Add CSS, className, and something I can't seem to recall 2 years ago
  Agastya 5729cee985 done with the home page 2 years ago
  Agastya d7e49d3635 Initial commit from gatsby: (https://github.com/gatsbyjs/gatsby-starter-default.git) 2 years ago