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  Mike Cao 405766d829
Merge pull request #512 from mikecao/dev 6 months ago
  Mike Cao 4edd012712
Merge pull request #504 from gnarlex/fix-domain-regex 6 months ago
  Mike Cao f3bf35189a Bump version. 6 months ago
  Mike Cao d6d0f99daa Updated date formatting for locales. 6 months ago
  Mike Cao 50bc2371b8 Fix unknown country display on realtime page. 6 months ago
  Mike Cao f7201c9cfc Remove domain parameter from queries. 6 months ago
  Alexander Klein 9115ce4200 revert: allow ports in non-localhost domain names 7 months ago
  Alexander Klein 22ca617165 fix(regex): ports in domain names 7 months ago
  Alexander Klein 0c2b68d56e fix(regex): protocol accepted in domain name 7 months ago
  Mike Cao 278672233e
Merge pull request #490 from ruibaby/fix/page-content-jitter 7 months ago
  Mike Cao 07754169ab
Merge pull request #496 from gnarlex/fix-event-details 7 months ago
  Mike Cao 72066c0332
Merge pull request #497 from gnarlex/add-prop-types-dependency 7 months ago
  Mike Cao 5d9357748e
Merge pull request #499 from gnarlex/fix-style-issues 7 months ago
  Alexander Klein f93ecdfee8 style(realtime): fix layout for realtime protocol 7 months ago
  Alexander Klein c5e03cd5d4 fix(styling): "no data" caption not considered in height calculations 7 months ago
  Alexander Klein 98a60d0d3e fix(Dashboard): "no data" caption not rendered 7 months ago
  Alexander Klein a981fa30c7 style(MetricTable): fill container height 7 months ago
  Alexander Klein 20932a4a11 style(grid): grid row x-padding for smaller screens 7 months ago
  Alexander Klein a65f9b9d73 fix(deps): add prop-types dependency 7 months ago
  Alexander Klein f357916042 fix: event table fails to render in detail view 7 months ago
  Mike Cao 7eb0ca8034
Merge pull request #492 from mikecao/dev 7 months ago
  Mike Cao 083ef2dc9c Updated method for getting event types. 7 months ago
  Mike Cao 7921893c1d
Merge pull request #486 from gnarlex/unknown-count 7 months ago
  Mike Cao 490fc99a8a
Merge branch 'dev' into unknown-count 7 months ago
  Mike Cao 994be6d9cd
Merge pull request #489 from ruibaby/pref/improve-simplified-chinese-translation 7 months ago
  Mike Cao 29bfb964c3
Merge pull request #491 from gnarlex/fix-domain-regex 7 months ago
  Alexander Klein 39faf8750a fix(constants): domain regex accepting invalid domains 7 months ago
  Alexander Klein 306b555b96 fix(metrics): localize 'Unknown' label in tables 7 months ago
  Ryan Wang 8e8d7a6d9c pref: improve simplified chinese translation. 7 months ago
  Ryan Wang 785338154a fix: the page content jitters when the page jumps. 7 months ago
  Mike Cao 92d4a46a0d
Merge pull request #487 from MoltenCoffee/master 7 months ago
  MoltenCoffee e7b92cd097
Add timestamp localization 7 months ago
  Alexander Klein 06f24b0c90 refactor(filter): remove now obsolete filters 7 months ago
  Alexander Klein ba4272c878 fix: remove devices/OS filter from table components 7 months ago
  Alexander Klein 14e1366fe4 feature(CountriesTable): default nullish labels to 'Unknown' 7 months ago
  Alexander Klein fb85d576a2 feature(DataTable): render nullish labels as 'Unknown' 7 months ago
  Mike Cao f041f081ff
Merge pull request #485 from marcauberer/dev 7 months ago
  Marc Auberer 5612207bf8
Improve German translation 7 months ago
  Mike Cao 405a349cca Updated packages. 7 months ago
  Mike Cao 3a0195ed50
Merge pull request #476 from gnarlex/event-type-selection 7 months ago
  Mike Cao 826facf56a
Merge pull request #481 from gnarlex/proptyping-common 7 months ago
  Alexander Klein 90b778a25b feature(components): prop-type WorldMap 7 months ago
  Alexander Klein 7e96a2a597 feature(components): prop-type Toast 7 months ago
  Alexander Klein f14cafe926 feature(components): prop-type Tag 7 months ago
  Alexander Klein cb4e481e5f feature(components): prop-type Table 7 months ago
  Alexander Klein 002ac397f1 fix(RefreshButton): wrong type of websiteId 7 months ago
  Alexander Klein 5766d3ac29 feature(components): prop-type RefreshButton 7 months ago
  Alexander Klein 86ec5774b6 feature(components): prop-type NoData 7 months ago
  Alexander Klein 86c2b75e61 feature(components): prop-type NavMenu 7 months ago
  Alexander Klein de18b03803 feature(components): prop-type Modal 7 months ago