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  Mike Cao f3bf35189a Bump version. 7 months ago
  Alexander Klein a65f9b9d73 fix(deps): add prop-types dependency 8 months ago
  Mike Cao 405a349cca Updated packages. 8 months ago
  Mike Cao dcc18fa134 Updated packages. 8 months ago
  dependabot[bot] e63b66b99b
Bump immer from 8.0.0 to 8.0.1 9 months ago
  Mike Cao dfe157b640 Updated packages. 9 months ago
  Mike Cao 34bcf45ae7 Fix start-env script. 10 months ago
  Mike Cao bb9a7b4d1e Added Italian language. 10 months ago
  Mike Cao 7e29aee798 Updated packages. Expose event methods in tracker. 10 months ago
  Mike Cao ec0af1878e Added Hindi language. Updated packages. 10 months ago
  Mike Cao ee57b097f2 Bump version. 10 months ago
  Mike Cao 0623b5e2eb Updated packages. 11 months ago
  Mike Cao 339cd21596 Fix issues with basePath. 11 months ago
  Mike Cao b97f582c90 Added Polish language. Bug fixes. 11 months ago
  Mike Cao e0c2354169 Added check to disable tracking. 11 months ago
  Mike Cao f81c31056e Updated packages. 11 months ago
  Mike Cao 1e2d8849cf Language fixes. 11 months ago
  Mike Cao aaf4c605be Bump version. 1 year ago
  Mike Cao 5b84378731 Added Czech language. 1 year ago
  Arnelle Balane 8397f79987
Add script for resetting account password from console 1 year ago
  Mike Cao 7d659212b0 Refactor chart components. 1 year ago
  Mike Cao e0a7fd9ec4 Fix tracker regex for events. 1 year ago
  Mike Cao 360a676dee Updated packages. 1 year ago
  Mike Cao a039f405b6 Refactored realtime components. 1 year ago
  Mike Cao 8912daa2fa Refactored data tables. Added realtime tables. 1 year ago
  Mike Cao 51955c69ec Added Finnish language. 1 year ago
  Mike Cao e30f2dfb44 Realtime header component. 1 year ago
  Mike Cao fdc92d087b Update realtime chart. 1 year ago
  dependabot[bot] 12b047996d
Bump next from 9.5.3 to 9.5.4 1 year ago
  Mike Cao b4ea70a67c Fix event colors. Updated packages. 1 year ago
  Mike Cao dca51050e8 Removed disconnect code. 1 year ago
  Mike Cao 195eb06a02 Add domain filter to tracker. 1 year ago
  Mike Cao ca8a6fe049 Added error message component. Update fetch hook. 1 year ago
  Mike Cao 4cafa68e23 Add force SSL check. 1 year ago
  Mike Cao fc22f5969c Added IP address ignore list. 1 year ago
  Mike Cao f6f2c4b5e1 Add country name download script. 1 year ago
  Mike Cao 3d1dc08491 Implement session caching. 1 year ago
  Mike Cao 0b131392fc Updated language menu. 1 year ago
  Mike Cao 561491c2aa Updated language menu. 1 year ago
  Mike Cao 9edf657e25 Update version check. Updated packages. 1 year ago
  Mike Cao 77db711a67 Updated empty message for websites. 1 year ago
  Adam Coard bbc7e25ee8 Load testing added via `npm run loadtest` 1 year ago
  Mike Cao 131f73589c Updated languages. 1 year ago
  Mike Cao 074f248bcd Added script for starting with env variables. 1 year ago
  Mike Cao 5068ab12a9 Support basePath in all queries. 1 year ago
  Mike Cao b2a48b1c4c Added script for checking language strings. 1 year ago
  Mike Cao fd69f0df24 Localized country names. 1 year ago
  Mike Cao e5cd162b83 Updated api fetch to return an object. 1 year ago
  Mike Cao e64b35f701 Updated prisma and added disconnect. 1 year ago
  Mike Cao 57bb1cb655 Updated version check components and strings. 1 year ago