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  Mike Cao 5e57b26e46 Convert buttons to links. 1 year ago
  Mike Cao 0d4a2e2a0e Update locale files and scripts. 1 year ago
  Mike Cao 7a8ab94bba Added page not found string. 1 year ago
  Mike Cao e426524992 Update locale strings. 1 year ago
  Mike Cao 6ea1bd1353 New language build process. 1 year ago
  Mike Cao 29049842de Fix language strings. 1 year ago
  Mike Cao 5a22be5efa Allow admins to view account websites. 1 year ago
  Mike Cao 2e94808e6e String updates. 1 year ago
  Mike Cao 255e9d2e41 Fixed typo. Added new localization string. 1 year ago
  MoltenCoffee a31a104577
Used full country code instead of just nl 1 year ago
  MoltenCoffee dd2a2ea8a1
Minor string update 1 year ago
  MoltenCoffee 1ba9538bc7
Slight changes to dutch 1 year ago
  MoltenCoffee d8d15a6d7c
Added Dutch language 1 year ago