Umami is a simple, fast, website analytics alternative to Google Analytics.
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Kamino 6441a6e2c6 Fix broken loadtest 7 months ago
build-geo.js Move geo database to public folder. 1 year ago
change-password.js Add script for resetting account password from console 11 months ago
check-lang.js Added Czech language. 11 months ago
copy-db-schema.js Detect when postgres is used instead of postgresql. 1 year ago
download-country-names.js Add country name download script. 11 months ago
format-lang.js Clear out the build directory before compiling lang. 1 year ago
loadtest.js Fix broken loadtest 7 months ago
merge-lang.js Update locale files and scripts. 1 year ago
start-env.js Default to '' in start-env.js 11 months ago