Umami is a simple, fast, website analytics alternative to Google Analytics.
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"active-users.message": "{x} current {x, plural, one {visitor} other {visitors}}",
"button.add-account": "Add account",
"button.add-website": "Add website",
"button.back": "Back",
"button.cancel": "Cancel",
"button.change-password": "Change password",
"button.copy-to-clipboard": "Copy to clipboard",
"button.delete": "Delete",
"button.edit": "Edit",
"button.login": "Login",
"button.more": "More",
"": "Save",
"button.view-details": "View details",
"footer.powered-by": "Powered by",
"header.nav.dashboard": "Dashboard",
"header.nav.settings": "Settings",
"label.administrator": "Administrator",
"label.confirm-password": "Confirm password",
"label.current-password": "Current password",
"label.domain": "Domain",
"label.enable-share-url": "Enable share URL",
"label.invalid": "Invalid",
"label.invalid-domain": "Invalid domain",
"label.last-days": "Last {x} days",
"label.last-hours": "Last {x} hours",
"label.logged-in-as": "Logged in as {username}",
"label.logout": "Logout",
"": "Name",
"": "New password",
"label.password": "Password",
"label.passwords-dont-match": "Passwords don't match",
"label.required": "Required",
"label.this-month": "This month",
"label.this-week": "This week",
"label.this-year": "This year",
"": "Today",
"label.username": "Username",
"message.confirm-delete": "Are your sure you want to delete {target}?",
"message.copied": "Copied!",
"message.delete-warning": "All associated data will be deleted as well.",
"message.failure": "Something went wrong.",
"message.incorrect-username-password": "Incorrect username/password.",
"": "No data available.",
"": "Page not found.",
"": "Saved successfully.",
"message.share-url": "This is the publicly shared URL for {target}.",
"message.track-stats": "To track stats for {target}, place the following code in the {head} section of your website.",
"message.type-delete": "Type {delete} in the box below to confirm.",
"metrics.actions": "Actions",
"metrics.average-visit-time": "Average visit time",
"metrics.bounce-rate": "Bounce rate",
"metrics.browsers": "Browsers",
"metrics.countries": "Countries",
"metrics.devices": "Devices",
"": "Events",
"metrics.filter.combined": "Combined",
"metrics.filter.domain-only": "Domain only",
"metrics.filter.raw": "Raw",
"metrics.operating-systems": "Operating systems",
"": "Page views",
"metrics.pages": "Pages",
"metrics.referrers": "Referrers",
"metrics.unique-visitors": "Unique visitors",
"metrics.views": "Views",
"metrics.visitors": "Visitors",
"placeholder.message.go-to-settings": "Go to settings",
"": "You don't have any websites configured.",
"settings.accounts": "Accounts",
"settings.profile": "Profile",
"settings.websites": "Websites",
"title.add-account": "Add account",
"title.add-website": "Add website",
"title.change-password": "Change password",
"title.delete-account": "Delete account",
"title.delete-website": "Delete website",
"title.edit-account": "Edit account",
"title.edit-website": "Edit website",
"title.share-url": "Share URL",
"title.tracking-code": "Tracking code",
"tooltip.get-share-url": "Get share URL",
"tooltip.get-tracking-code": "Get tracking code"