an open source interpreter for the Kernel Programming Language.
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README (2061B)

      1 README for klisp 0.3
      3 * What is klisp?
      4   --------------
      5   klisp is an open source interpreter for the Kernel Programming
      6   Language. It aims at being comprehensive and robust as specified in
      7   the "Revised(-1) Report on the Kernel Programming Language", but
      8   that probably won't happen for some time. It is written in C99 under
      9   the MIT license. It draws heavily from the Lua interpreter source
     10   code & file structure. It uses the IMath library for arbitrary sized
     11   integers and rationals. You can check the webpage at http://klisp.org
     12   and the discussion group at http://groups.google.com/group/klisp
     14 * What is the Kernel Programming Language?
     15   ---------------------------------------- 
     16   Kernel is a Scheme-like dialect of Lisp in which everything is a
     17   first-class object. It features first class environments and
     18   statically scoped fexprs (called operatives). It was created by 
     19   John N. Shutt.  You can read all about it at
     20   http://web.cs.wpi.edu/~jshutt/kernel.html
     22 * Availability
     23   ------------
     24   klisp is freely available for both academic and commercial purposes.
     25   See COPYRIGHT for details.
     26   klisp can be downloaded from http://klisp.org or from 
     27   https://bitbucket.org/AndresNavarro/klisp
     29 * Installation
     30   ------------
     31   klisp is implemented in C99, with some gcc extensions for packing
     32   and alignment. It was developed and tested in x86 under Linux. It
     33   should compile fine under other Operating Systems using gcc
     34   (MinGW in Windows also works). As time goes by, platform specific
     35   code will have to be added (e.g. for char-ready?). Effort will be
     36   directed to minimize the ammount of platform specific code, and 
     37   testing will be conducted at least on Linux and Windows (the systems
     38   I have access to at the moment).
     40 * Origin
     41   ------
     42   klisp is developed by Andres Navarro, a Computer Science
     43   undergraduate at Buenos Aires University (UBA). You can reach him at
     44   <canavarro82@gmail.com>.
     45   Significant contributions are being made by Oto Havle in his fork
     46   over at https://bitbucket.org/havleoto/klisp
     48 (end of README)