NameDescriptionOwnerLast commit
am-i-alive-goMake it easy for people to check if you are alive or not.acagastya2022-03-17 10:11
am-i-alive-nodejsMake it easy for people to check if you are alive or not.acagastya2021-12-17 09:53
archivesrcbotArchive enwn sources via IRC.acagastya2021-12-17 10:06
coronavirus-simulatorCoronavirus spread simulatoracagastya2021-12-17 10:13
enwnbotConverts MediaWiki [[links]] and {{templates}} to links on IRCacagastya2021-12-21 12:20
enwnbot2Converts MediaWiki [[links]] and {{templates}} to links, informs important events from wiki, handles announces review queue, and under review, and handles when they last saw a given user.acagastya2021-12-21 12:26
go-ircA basic SSL-supporting IRC client written in golang.acagastya2021-12-07 23:13
gpa-calculator-templateLibreOffice Calc GPA Calculator templateacagastya2020-09-25 13:43
hackernews-expoHackernews expo clientacagastya2021-12-21 12:42
jsonify-my-tableConvert a HTML table to JSONacagastya2021-12-21 13:12
klispan open source interpreter for the Kernel Programming Language.acagastya2014-03-21 22:25
legacy-ccThe earliest versions of the very first c compiler known to exist in the wild written by the late legend himself dmr. acagastya2021-03-17 06:40
loudness-waveGenerates a video recording of a .wav file's loudness.acagastya2021-07-19 11:44
m3u8Generate m3u8 file for a playlist directoryacagastya2021-12-17 09:35
nie-ii-yearlab stuff from undergrad second year.acagastya2018-04-17 05:11
pwb-scriptsPersonal scripts used for pywikibotacagastya2021-01-16 20:10
quotes-nextjsMy favourite quotes. (nextjs)acagastya2021-06-18 02:12
quotesMy favourite quotes. (gatsbyjs)acagastya2020-12-28 06:05
quran-goRead Qur'an right in the terminal.acagastya2022-05-07 22:33
rijks-uploaderUpload Public Domain files from to Wikimedia Commonsacagastya2021-01-24 18:48
sana137.inSana's gatsbyjs-based blogacagastya2020-08-08 19:30
sgg-gosgg-go is a static gallery generator, a golang implementation of sgg.acagastya2021-12-17 09:42
sggstatic gallery generator written in shellacagastya2021-08-31 16:55
snapdropA Progressive Web App for local file sharing acagastya2021-11-26 12:53
spekAcoustic spectrum analyser acagastya2018-12-28 22:43
squircleMake all the squircles you need, in the browser. acagastya2021-05-08 06:54
stagitstatic git page generatoracagastya2021-12-14 19:51
surfingA list of useful resourcesacagastya2020-11-24 04:57
time-convertor-tsConvert time across timezones (typescript)acagastya2021-12-21 17:38
time-convertorConvert time across timezonesacagastya2021-12-21 17:36
timebotConvert live time across time-zones on IRCacagastya2021-02-24 03:56
twtrDysfunctional personal twtr softwareacagastya2021-09-13 12:31
vim.mdsimple vi markdown editor 17:57
websshWeb based ssh client 22:10
weechatRNWeechat relay client for iOS using websockets 16:32 landing pageacagastya2021-01-01 11:39
wordle-cliGolang implementation of wordle in CLI.acagastya2022-02-28 15:42
xkcd-goGolang tool to read latest, random, or a specific xkcd comic (and download it too).acagastya2022-02-27 15:45