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2020-08-08 19:30Added a new blog.Sana Habeeb1+32-0
2020-07-22 22:20fix disqus configAgastya Chandrakant1+1-1
2020-06-24 17:54update nameAgastya Chandrakant4+7-7
2020-06-24 17:10add scripts, tag img, update readme, rmv twtr, tag to topic and move blogsAgastya Chandrakant10+85-38
2019-12-19 08:28fix classAgastya Chandrakant1+3-1
2019-12-19 07:44fix titleAgastya Chandrakant1+1-1
2019-12-19 07:24Rmv twitter links from config, footer, index and blogPostAgastya Chandrakant4+18-10
2019-12-14 20:42Using variables instead of ; actually fixes #2Agastya Chandrakant1+11-4
2019-12-14 20:14Moving to disqus plugin as mentioned in #2Agastya Chandrakant3+156-169
2019-12-12 20:33Add KaTeX supportAgastya Chandrakant3+9-0
2019-09-15 10:56Merge branch 'master' of Chandrakant1+6-4
2019-09-15 10:55Adding MomentJS in cardsAgastya Chandrakant5+12-6
2019-09-14 15:07update frontmattercognitive1371+6-4
2019-09-13 21:58Update readme about custom domain checkingAgastya Chandrakant1+4-0
2019-09-13 21:51blogPost changed to show cover only of it exists, AND added code highlighterAgastya Chandrakant6+200-6
2019-09-13 17:44update README for deployingAgastya Chandrakant1+20-8
2019-09-13 17:24Add gh-pagesAgastya Chandrakant1+15-11
2019-09-13 16:17creating tagData filecognitive1371+7-0
2019-09-13 16:16pass on cover from tagDatacognitive1371+3-1
2019-09-13 16:09Update component name, add option for bgImg for tagscognitive1371+7-4
2019-09-11 15:23fix origin linkcognitive1371+1-1
2019-09-11 14:30Merge pull request #1 from cognitive137/cognitive137-patch-1cognitive1371+181-144
2019-09-11 14:29Add Disqus_threadcognitive1371+181-144
2019-09-05 21:08update license, readme, package.jsonAgastya Chandrakant3+26-3
2019-09-05 18:05http -> https for feedlyAgastya Chandrakant1+1-1
2019-09-05 12:52Update licenseAgastya Chandrakant1+1-1
2019-09-05 12:49Add readmeAgastya Chandrakant5+29-89
2019-09-04 21:29Some changesAgastya Chandrakant6+3-33
2019-09-04 21:17Finishing things upAgastya Chandrakant9+248-41
2019-09-04 00:01All but tiny headers are doneAgastya Chandrakant18+559-813
2019-09-03 16:38Add CSS, className, and something I can't seem to recallAgastya Chandrakant16+3020-256
2019-08-29 21:34done with the home pageAgastya Chandrakant19+444-15889
2019-08-28 18:45Initial commit from gatsby: ( Chandrakant21+16918-0