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2022-05-07 22:33Update software version, rm the functions which was printing help, hard-coded man page in help.Agastya6+59-66
2022-05-07 22:32Add mdoc and make options for copying man page and uninstalling the software.Agastya2+80-1
2022-05-01 22:10Refactored everything, added README. Use semver.Agastya Chandrakant29+806-375
2022-05-01 08:12Add a flag to decorate chapters, or verse ranges.Agastya Chandrakant5+375-351
2022-04-30 21:53Add sub-command to print the available translations.Agastya Chandrakant3+73-26
2022-04-28 20:03Add option to rate-limit. See https://github.com/quran/quran.com-api/issues/554Agastya Chandrakant2+10-6
2022-04-27 12:23Print verses.Agastya Chandrakant1+92-16
2022-04-26 18:40Add three cases of verse printing, awaiting answer for https://github.com/quran/quran.com-api/issues/552Agastya Chandrakant2+35-18
2022-04-26 17:43Do not accept 2:14-14 as a valid input, it is incorrect semantics. - is used only when speaking of multiple verses. 2:14 is correct, so is 2:14-15. But not 2:14-14.Agastya Chandrakant2+18-4
2022-04-26 12:53Check if the supplied chapter and verses (if any) are in the range xor not.Agastya Chandrakant2+128-10
2022-04-25 19:02Extract chatper:verse1-verse2 so forAgastya Chandrakant5+754-0