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diff --git a/quotes/sexual-rights-are-173dea12/sexual-rights-are-173dea12.md b/quotes/sexual-rights-are-173dea12/sexual-rights-are-173dea12.md @@ -0,0 +1,15 @@ +--- +attributed: false +author: 'Leïla Slimani' +date: '2020-02-18' +draft: false +lang: 'en' +misattributed: false +path: '/sexual-rights-are-173dea12' +tags: ['Human rights', 'Sexual rights'] +title: '[S]exual rights are a part of human rights' +unverified: false +--- + +# *[S]exual rights are a part of human rights; these are not minor rights, small boons that we can do without. To practise one's sexual citizenship, to do with our bodies as we see fit, to lead a sex life without risk, one that brings pleasure and is free from coercion: these are fundamental needs and rights that ought to be inalienable and guaranteed for all.* +&mdash; Leïla Slimani, <cite><abbr title="ISBN-13: 9780571355051">Sex and Lies</abbr></cite>.