Acoustic spectrum analyser
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Update the manpage

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diff --git a/dist/README b/dist/README @@ -16,6 +16,7 @@ Spek release checklist * Sync AUTHORS with the About dialogue. * Update NEWS. * Update the website and debian/control's description with the new features. + * Update the manpage if necessary. * Update sshots if there are user-visible changes. * Update and sync wiki pages with the new version number and instructions. * Update copyright year of touched code. diff --git a/man/spek.1.in b/man/spek.1.in @@ -44,11 +44,12 @@ Ctrl+O open a new file .br Ctrl+S save the spectrogram as an image file .br +Ctrl+E show the preferences dialog Ctrl+Q quit .br F1 show the about dialog .SH FILES -.I ~/.config/spek/config.ini +.I ~/.config/spek/preferences .RS The configuration file for Spek, stored in a simple INI format. .RE