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commit 2ef711ab2192751a15550c789e7d7e1adfc0652b
parent be64ec82fde16e6091f15e0f7612d2bd090600e3
Author: Alexander Kojevnikov <alexander@kojevnikov.com>
Date:   Tue, 15 Jun 2010 21:59:39 +1000

[win] Create a ZIP archive along with the MSI package (issue 2)

Mwin/make-win32.sh | 25++++++++++++++-----------
1 file changed, 14 insertions(+), 11 deletions(-)

diff --git a/win/make-win32.sh b/win/make-win32.sh @@ -1,6 +1,6 @@ #!/usr/bin/env bash -# This script will build an MSI installer for Win32. +# This script will build a ZIP archive and an MSI installer for Win32. # It requires a fully functioning MinGW/MSYS environment. # The script also depends on 7z and WiX. @@ -9,16 +9,16 @@ SZ_PATH=c:/Program\ Files/7-Zip pushd $(dirname $0)/.. -rm -fr win/msi-data -mkdir win/msi-data +rm -fr win/Spek +mkdir win/Spek # Compile the resource file windres win/spek.rc -O coff -o win/spek.res mkdir src/win && cp win/spek.res src/win/ -CFLAGS="-mwindows" LDFLAGS="win/spek.res" ./configure --prefix=${PWD}/win/msi-data && make && make install +CFLAGS="-mwindows" LDFLAGS="win/spek.res" ./configure --prefix=${PWD}/win/Spek && make && make install -cd win/msi-data +cd win/Spek urls=(\ # GTK+ and its dependencies @@ -70,25 +70,28 @@ cd .. # Extract files from x86-OSSBuild-GStreamer-Dependencies-GPL.msm mkdir deps -"$WIX_PATH"/dark.exe x86-OSSBuild-GStreamer-Dependencies-GPL.msm -o deps/deps.wxs -x deps +"$WIX_PATH"/dark x86-OSSBuild-GStreamer-Dependencies-GPL.msm -o deps/deps.wxs -x deps for line in $(grep "<File" deps/deps.wxs | sed -e "s/.* Name=\"\([^\"]*\)\".* Source=\"\([^\"]*\)\".*/\1;\2/g"); do line=${line//\\/\/} name=${line%;*} src=${line#*;} - dst="msi-data/bin/$name" + dst="Spek/bin/$name" # Move but don't overwrite the existing file if [ ! -f "$dst" ] ; then mv -v "$src" "$dst" fi done -# Generate a wxs for files in msi-data -"$WIX_PATH"/heat.exe dir msi-data -gg -ke -srd -cg Files -dr INSTALLLOCATION -template fragment -o files.wxs +# Create a zip archive +"$SZ_PATH"/7z a spek.zip Spek + +# Generate a wxs for files in Spek +"$WIX_PATH"/heat dir Spek -gg -ke -srd -cg Files -dr INSTALLLOCATION -template fragment -o files.wxs # Make the MSI package -"$WIX_PATH"/candle.exe spek.wxs files.wxs -"$WIX_PATH"/light.exe -ext WixUIExtension.dll -b msi-data spek.wixobj files.wixobj -o spek.msi +"$WIX_PATH"/candle spek.wxs files.wxs +"$WIX_PATH"/light -ext WixUIExtension.dll -b Spek spek.wixobj files.wixobj -o spek.msi # Clean up rm -fr deps