Acoustic spectrum analyser
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Update the man page

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diff --git a/man/spek.1.in b/man/spek.1.in @@ -37,17 +37,28 @@ should be reported as a documentation bug.) .B \-V, --version Output version information then quit. .SH KEYBINDINGS -Global keybindings for -.BR Spek : .P -Ctrl+O open a new file -.br -Ctrl+S save the spectrogram as an image file -.br -Ctrl+E show the preferences dialog -Ctrl+Q quit -.br -F1 show the about dialog +.TP +.B Ctrl-O +Open a new file. +.TP +.B Ctrl-S +Save the spectrogram as an image file. +.TP +.B Ctrl-E +Show the preferences dialog. +.TP +.B Ctrl-Q +Quit. +.TP +.B F1 +Show the about dialog. +.TP +.B Ctrl-up, Ctrl-down +Change the lower limit of the dynamic range in dBFS. +.TP +.B Ctrl-Shift-up, Ctrl-Shift-down +Change the upper limit of the dynamic range in dBFS. .SH FILES .I ~/.config/spek/preferences .RS