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diff --git a/TODO b/TODO @@ -19,8 +19,6 @@ ** Makefile - Add a couple of flags to turn debug on/off ** Webpage -*** Try to put together a quick webpage -- Try Skeleton CSS framework - Have Maria Sol draw a simple logo ** Refactor diff --git a/doc/html/System.html b/doc/html/System.html @@ -0,0 +1,136 @@ +<html lang="en"> +<head> +<title>System - klisp Reference Manual</title> +<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html"> +<meta name="description" content="klisp Reference Manual"> +<meta name="generator" content="makeinfo 4.13"> +<link title="Top" rel="start" href="index.html#Top"> +<link rel="prev" href="Ports.html#Ports" title="Ports"> +<link rel="next" href="Alphabetical-Index.html#Alphabetical-Index" title="Alphabetical Index"> +<link href="http://www.gnu.org/software/texinfo/" rel="generator-home" title="Texinfo Homepage"> +<meta http-equiv="Content-Style-Type" content="text/css"> +<style type="text/css"><!-- + pre.display { font-family:inherit } + pre.format { font-family:inherit } + pre.smalldisplay { font-family:inherit; font-size:smaller } + pre.smallformat { font-family:inherit; font-size:smaller } + pre.smallexample { font-size:smaller } + pre.smalllisp { font-size:smaller } + span.sc { font-variant:small-caps } + span.roman { font-family:serif; font-weight:normal; } + span.sansserif { font-family:sans-serif; font-weight:normal; } +--></style> +</head> +<body> +<div class="node"> +<a name="System"></a> +<p> +Next:&nbsp;<a rel="next" accesskey="n" href="Alphabetical-Index.html#Alphabetical-Index">Alphabetical Index</a>, +Previous:&nbsp;<a rel="previous" accesskey="p" href="Ports.html#Ports">Ports</a>, +Up:&nbsp;<a rel="up" accesskey="u" href="index.html#Top">Top</a> +<hr> +</div> + +<!-- node-name, next, previous, up --> +<h2 class="chapter">18 System</h2> + +<p><a name="index-system-349"></a> +Module System contains some useful features for interacting with the +host environment. + + <p>SOURCE NOTE: most of these come from r7rs. + +<div class="defun"> +&mdash; Applicative: <b>get-current-second</b> (<var>get-current-second</var>)<var><a name="index-get_002dcurrent_002dsecond-350"></a></var><br> +<blockquote><p>Applicative <code>get-current-second</code> returns the number of seconds +elapsed since the UNIX/POSIX epoch (that is midnight January 1st, +1970, UTC). + + <p>NOTE: r7rs specifies TAI seconds, but for now we are sticking to POSIX +here. +</p></blockquote></div> + +<div class="defun"> +&mdash; Applicative: <b>get-current-jiffies</b> (<var>get-current-jiffies</var>)<var><a name="index-get_002dcurrent_002djiffies-351"></a></var><br> +<blockquote><p>Applicative <code>get-current-jiffies</code> returns the number of jiffies +(fractions of a second) elapsed since an arbitrary epoch that may +change in each run of the klisp interpreter. Applicative +<code>get-jiffies-per-second</code> can be used to determine which fraction +of a second a jiffy represents. +</p></blockquote></div> + +<div class="defun"> +&mdash; Applicative: <b>get-jiffies-per-second</b> (<var>get-jiffies-per-second</var>)<var><a name="index-get_002djiffies_002dper_002dsecond-352"></a></var><br> +<blockquote><p>Applicative <code>get-jiffies-per-second</code> returns a constant +representing the number of jiffies that correspond to one second. +</p></blockquote></div> + +<div class="defun"> +&mdash; Applicative: <b>file-exists</b> (<var>file-exists string</var>)<var><a name="index-file_002dexists-353"></a></var><br> +<blockquote><p>Predicate <code>file-exists?</code> checks to see if a file named +<code>string</code> exists. +</p></blockquote></div> + +<div class="defun"> +&mdash; Applicative: <b>delete-file</b> (<var>delete-file string</var>)<var><a name="index-delete_002dfile-354"></a></var><br> +<blockquote><p><code>string</code> should be the name/path for an existing file. + + <p>Applicative <code>delete-file</code> deletes the file named <code>string</code>. +If it doesn't exists or can't be deleted, an error is signaled. The +result returned by <code>delete-file</code> is inert. +</p></blockquote></div> + +<div class="defun"> +&mdash; Applicative: <b>rename-file</b> (<var>rename-file string1 string2</var>)<var><a name="index-rename_002dfile-355"></a></var><br> +<blockquote><p><code>string1</code> should be the name/path for an existing file, +<code>string2</code> should be the name/path for a non existing file. + + <p>Applicative <code>rename-file</code> renames the file named <code>string1</code> +to <code>string2</code>. If the file doesn't exists or can't be renamed for +any reason, an error is signaled. The result returned by +<code>rename-file</code> is inert. + + <p>SOURCE NOTE: this is missing from r7rs, it is taken from C, being +quite similar to <code>delete-file</code>. +</p></blockquote></div> + +<div class="defun"> +&mdash; Applicative: <b>get-script-arguments</b> (<var>get-script-arguments</var>)<var><a name="index-get_002dscript_002darguments-356"></a></var><br> +&mdash; Applicative: <b>get-interpreter-arguments</b> (<var>get-interpreter-arguments</var>)<var><a name="index-get_002dinterpreter_002darguments-357"></a></var><br> +<blockquote><p>These applicatives return respectively the script and interpreter +arguments. The script arguments are a list of the arguments passed to +the klisp interpreter starting from (and including) the script name. +The interpreter arguments are the complete list of arguments passed to +the klisp interpreter (including the name of the interpreter as the +first item in the list, the interpreter flag arguments and the script +name and arguments. +</p></blockquote></div> + +<div class="defun"> +&mdash; Applicative: <b>defined-environment-variable?</b> (<var>defined-environment-variable? string</var>)<var><a name="index-defined_002denvironment_002dvariable_003f-358"></a></var><br> +<blockquote><p>Predicate <code>defined-environment-variable?</code> returns true iff +<code>string</code> represents a defined envrionment variable. +</p></blockquote></div> + +<div class="defun"> +&mdash; Applicative: <b>get-environment-variable</b> (<var>get-environment-variable string</var>)<var><a name="index-get_002denvironment_002dvariable-359"></a></var><br> +<blockquote><p>Applicative <code>get-environment-variable</code> returns the value of the +environment variable represented by <code>string</code>. If <code>string</code> +doesn't represent a defined environment variable an error is signaled. +</p></blockquote></div> + +<div class="defun"> +&mdash; Applicative: <b>get-environment-variables</b> (<var>get-environment-variables</var>)<var><a name="index-get_002denvironment_002dvariables-360"></a></var><br> +<blockquote><!-- TODO xref to alist --> + <p>Applicative <code>get-environment-variable</code> returns an alist +representing the defined environment variables and their values. The +alist is a list of <code>(variable . value)</code> entries, where both +<code>variable</code> and <code>value</code> are strings. +</p></blockquote></div> + +<!-- appendices --> +<!-- TODO --> +<!-- *-texinfo-*- --> +<!-- TODO correct prev node --> + </body></html> +