Acoustic spectrum analyser
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Author: Alexander Kojevnikov <alexander@kojevnikov.com>
Date:   Tue, 11 May 2010 14:42:00 +1000

[web] Better screenshots

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diff --git a/web/flac-small.png b/web/flac-small.png Binary files differ. diff --git a/web/flac.png b/web/flac.png Binary files differ. diff --git a/web/index.html b/web/index.html @@ -13,6 +13,8 @@ h1 {font-size: 16pt;} h2 {font-size: 12pt;} img {border-style: none; outline: none;} + #screenshots {width: 100%;} + #screenshots td {vertical-align: top; width: 33%; font-size: smaller;} </style> </head> <body> @@ -20,7 +22,18 @@ <p>Spek (<a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Phonetic_Alphabet">IPA</a>: /sp&#603;k/, &lsquo;bacon&rsquo; in Dutch) helps to analyse your audio files by showing their <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spectrogram">spectrogram</a>.</p> <h2>Screenshots</h2> - <p><a href="mp3.png"><img src="mp3.png" width="262" height="210" alt="Spectrogram of an MP3 file" title="Spectrogram of an MP3 file"/></a>&nbsp;<a href="flac.png"><img src="flac.png" width="262" height="210" alt="Spectrogram of a FLAC file" title="Spectrogram of a FLAC file"/></a></p> + <table id="screenshots"> + <tr> + <td><a href="flac.png"><img src="flac-small.png" width="240" height="192" alt="Spek showing a FLAC file"/></a></td> + <td><a href="mp3.png"><img src="mp3-small.png" width="240" height="192" alt="Spek showing an MP3 file"/></a></td> + <td><a href="transcode.png"><img src="transcode-small.png" width="240" height="192" alt="Spek showing a transcoded file"/></a></td> + </tr> + <tr> + <td>Spek showing the spectrogram of a FLAC file.</td> + <td>The same file encoded as a 320kbps MP3.</td> + <td>320kbps transcoded to -V2 MP3. <a href="http://wiki.hydrogenaudio.org/index.php?title=Transcoding">Don't do that</a>!</td> + </tr> + </table> <h2>Download</h2> <p>Spek 0.1: <a href="spek-0.1.tar.bz2">tarball</a>, <a href="http://gitorious.org/spek/spek/blobs/0.1/NEWS">NEWS</a></p> diff --git a/web/mp3-small.png b/web/mp3-small.png Binary files differ. diff --git a/web/mp3.png b/web/mp3.png Binary files differ. diff --git a/web/transcode-small.png b/web/transcode-small.png Binary files differ. diff --git a/web/transcode.png b/web/transcode.png Binary files differ.