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diff --git a/s4/fafl/ b/s4/fafl/ @@ -85,6 +85,8 @@ Since calculation of modulo is subtracion of `v` from `u` until `u` is strictly - Make current cell as `1`. - Goto right until current cell is `B`. - Make `B` as `1`. Repeat these four sub-steps until instruction pointer reaches `B` on the right hand side. + +To find quotient, a small tweak should suffice. That is, "_Having travelled two right from reading `1`, if current cell is `X`, one subtraction is finished._" Make use of a different symbol in the array to distinguish second number from quotient (use another `i` -- personal choice, really does not matter). After making all `X` as `1`, go right until current cell is `B`. Make `B` as `1`. Move right, make current symbol as `B`. Go left until current cell is `0`. Goto step #2. #### To find if the number is prime